INDU: Work Culture

Work & Culture

At Indu, we believe that our people are the key asset driving our business. We foster a performance-driven environment and create a rewarding, challenging and safe workplace.

We encourage open communication to ensure every employee has a role in shaping the Company's approach. Initiative, integrity and professionalism makes Indu a great place to work that offers exciting and promising careers.

If you wish to be a part of a team, which is among the best in the Industry, and believe that you have the skills to contribute to our future success, send your resume to us.

Indu Leadership Centre

With a view to ensure that productivity of each Induite is of the highest order, Indu Leadership Centre (ILC) has been conducting ongoing training programs. Round the year training programmes are conducted in the areas of functional, behavioural and managerial aspects. This includes onsite customized training programmes for engineers.


At Indu, we believe work is not merely a 9-5 chore that has to be done mechanically. We strive to create an environment that enables our employees to enjoy every moment of their work.

Be it the Valentine's Day slogan contest or the Woman's day activity, we encourage our employees to come up with whacky and original ideas to create fun at the work place thereby creating better bonds and de-stressing the mind. Drop in anytime at our office and you will know what we mean.