INDU: Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

The organization structure at Indu Group reflects the beliefs, core values and management philosophy of the entire organization. The organisation is structured to be able to serve all its customers better, while upholding the interests of all its key stakeholders, external alliances, etc. The Indu organisational structure is designed for timely and effective decision making and implementation.

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Centres of excellence and process-flow management

To ensure that every project is delivered to the highest of the standards and in a timely manner, various centres of excellence and process-flow management have been instituted at Indu. This has been designed to ensure that every project meets the most stringent of quality, legal and financial checks, ensuring a smooth and timely meeting of project objectives. Interdisciplinary and cross-functional alignment of competencies in these centres of excellence allows for the best of the approaches to converge for having a holistic view on every project and its delivery.

The various Centres of excellence and project-flow management at Indu are:

  1. Project Approval
  2. Purchases and Contracts
  3. Project Monitoring
  4. Tender / PCA Approval
  5. Strategic Initiatives
  6. Productivity Improvement
  7. Risk Management