INDU: Irrigation


Irrigation is amongst the most critical of infrastructure developments in the country with the aim of improving agriculture and livelihood of millions of people across the width of the country. Large irrigation projects require diligent planning and foresight into the nature of the project, geographical location, understanding of the water course, etc to arrive at the best suitable structural requirements. With high technological capabilities and experience in the construction space, Indu Projects has the capability to deliver large scale irrigation projects of varying needs and complexities.

Projects Delivered

  1. Siddapur Lift Irrigation Project - Work involves the design, supply, installation and testing of various machinery and other civil structures, carrying out cross masonry and cross drainage works, building unlined channels and delivery cisterns.
  2. Mahendra Tanaya Irrigation Project - Work involves excavation of a flood flow canal taking off from the Mahendra River, formation of an off shore reservoir and formation of canals from such reservoir, including constructing a distributory network.
  3. Warna Canals I, II and III - The projects consist of canal works including balance earth work, constructing of structures, providing water proofing treatment, concrete lining with paver finisher and ancillary works.
  4. Indira Sagar Project – Project has been sub-contracted by contractor who has contracted with the Irrigation & CAD Department of the Government of Andhra Pradesh to construct a tunnel with a length of 919 metres in addition to 3.2 kilometres of approach and exit channels.
  5. Tadipudi Lift Irrigation Project – Project has been sub-contracted by contractor who has contracted with the Governor, Government of Andhra Pradesh to design, construct, and improve a canal network. Our scope of work included cross masonry and cross drainage works. This project will enable the irrigation of 68,000 acres in the West Godavari District, in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
  6. Lower Mannar Canal Project - Awarded by the Government of Maharashtra to rehabilitate the main canals and branches of the Lower Mannar Project.
  7. Sambarkund Irrigation Project - Konkan Irrigation Development Corporation, Thane awarded the Sambarkund medium irrigation project to RDS Construction Company. The project consists of construction of a dam and appurtenant work on the Sambarkund River.