INDU: Vision & Values

Vision & Values: The guiding light in all we do


"A premier infrastructure company that builds value through innovation and next practices and seeks to grow by caring and sharing"


"To be the company of first choice in the Infrastructure Industry "

Core Values

  1. People competency
  2. Continuous evolution
  3. Openness & transparency
  4. Quality & safety
  5. Integrity
  6. Co-prosperity
  7. Caring & sharing

The new Indu identity

Background: The Indu group has taken giant strides in all its operating sectors over the past decade. Today the group is geared for greater glories as it marches ahead with ambition and aggression looking at opportunities in new sectors and geographies. "A new dawn. A new decade." The clarion call at Indu is reflecting in its new identity – a symbol of passionate and progressive thinking emerging into tangible action.

The visual form: The rays that rise and touch every aspect of life, heralding a new beginning is the central visual metaphor complementing a highly positive and strong word-mark for the group. The identity is symbolic of this aspect of growth and ambition and binds the entire organisation with a purpose idea. Every stakeholder in the organisation is committed to taking Indu on this journey of greater glories as it enters the coming decades.