INDU: Mining

Mining: Exploring the Earth's riches

Exploring the earth's riches from its very depths and making available for various industrial usage and applications is pivotal to economic progress. Indu Group's mining capabilities is one of the best and the most cutting-edge amongst the private players in the country. With experts spanning Earth-Sciences to project management, Indu ensures end-to-end delivery capabilities in developing and operating coal mines. Besides having the best mining team in the private sector, the company also has strategic tie-ups with international majors for getting access to latest technology and trends. The Company's end-to-end capabilities in developing and operating coal mines include exploration, mine planning, infrastructure building, contract mining, environment management, beneficiation etc.

Indu Mineral Exploration (India) Private Limited

A wholly owned subsidiary of Indu Projects Limited, Indu Mineral Exploration (India) Private Limited was incorporated to undertake exploration of coal blocks in all respects and evaluate coal resources with a drilling capacity of 80,000 meter per year. Indu has been empanelled by premier public limited companies like Central Mine Planning and Design Institute Limited (CMPDIL), Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited (MECL) for taking up drilling and exploration of various coal blocks.