INDU: Vendor Connect

Vendor Connect

Indu Projects believes in creating a complete eco-system of channel partners - suppliers & vendors - that is robust, competitive and efficient. The channel partners are core to high standard of deliveries that the organisation stands for, both from a quality and timeframe perspective. The Group partners with organisations with a zeal to introduce and employ new technologies and practices that enable higher efficiencies and better economies.

The Group invites Suppliers/Contractors from all over India, with proven track record in respective industries, high-focus on quality and willingness to associated on a long term basis in the following categories:

Building Materials

  1. Iron and Steel
  2. Cement
  3. Sand & Aggregate
  4. Waterproofing
  5. Doors, Windows, Grills
  6. Plumbing, Sanitary and bathroom fittings
  7. Electrical fixtures/fittings
  8. Glass, Tiles, Stones, Pavement
  9. Fire fighting
  10. Others


  1. Structural Works
  2. Civil Works
  3. Waterproofing works
  4. Plumbing, Sanitary & STP works
  5. Structural glazing
  6. False Ceiling
  7. Internal and External electrical works
  8. Architectural finishes
  9. Finishing works
  10. Tile/Stone laying works
  11. HVAC
  12. Fire Protection
  13. Others

Interested Suppliers/Contractors may register online
or download the Vendor Registration Forms (Use the following links).

  • Suppliers/Contractors may Register online Online Vendor Registration Form
  • Suppliers/Contractors may download the Vendor Registration Form and after filling out the details are requested to email at