• Energy

    Energy is vital to building and sustaining growth for national and regional economies. The Indu Group is committed therefore to partnering the Growth of India in its need for generating more energy. Energy is a high focus sector for the Indu Group.
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  • Mining

    Exploring the earth's riches from its very depths and making available for various industrial usage and applications is pivotal to creating industrial and economic progress. Indu Group's mining capabilities is among the best and the most
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  • Infrastructure

    Efficient infrastructure building including roads, railways, pipelines, irrigation, airports and industrial structures are a critical component of nation building that connects commerce and people. Evolution of core infrastructures is
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Indu Group: Rising into the next decade

Indu Mining"New Dawn. New Decade." is a clarion call at Indu Projects today, as the Group ushers into its next decade. Since its inception in 2001 as a third party contractor and just a few employees, the Group has come a long way. With prudence in identifying high-growth sectors, the Group has witnessed rapid progress and forayed into various areas like roads, buildings, irrigation, power, coal mining and solar energy over the years. Today, with turnovers close to INR 2000 Crores
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